Makerarm is a complete personal fabrication system packed into a single,
beautifully designed robotic arm that mounts on your desktop. Makerarm
features interchangeable heads for countless applications such as
3D printing, plotting, milling, laser engraving, electronics
assembly and more. That way you can make more, for less.

Makerarm Personal Industrial Robotic Arm for Makers


See everything that it can do

3D Print

Take advantage of the largest work area among desktop 3D printers (>30" diameter). Automated bed leveling lets you print in high quality on any flat surface.


Cut, engrave and etch your favorite materials with our high power 500mW laser head. Work with plastics, wood, leather, cardboard and more.


Carve out your creations in 3D. Our high speed milling head lets you make quality objects out of a variety of materials right on your desktop.


Forget inkjet/laser printers. Our plotting head makes large-scale drawing, painting and printing a breeze. Work on any surface be it canvas, fabric, or paper

PCB Fab & Assembly

Our PCB fab/assembly heads take the hassle out of electronics assembly so that you can iterate in hours instead of weeks. (future release)


Vinyl and stencil cutting has never been easier and simpler with the hobby knife cutting head for Makerarm. (future release)

Pick & Place

Suction heads, electromagnetic heads and grippers are some of the many tool heads available that enable Makerarm to perform pick and place functions.


Our modular tool heads let you carry out a variety of assembly tasks including pick and place, fastening screws, gluing and more.

Add More

Can't find what you're looking for here? Add your own custom head tailored to your application with the Makerarm hardware development kit (HDK) and API.


Makerarm: a one-stop shop for your making needs
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